MARCH 2020/2021
For architecture modeling I use Sketchup. This program allows me to perform different tasks of variable complexity and also export useful projections for further work. I also use Rhinoceros for complex geometry modeling and parametric modeling.
Sketchup, Rhinoceros
explode scheme
My main tool for drawings is Rhinoceros for its great functionality and ability for instant 3D modeling. Also familiar with Autocad.
Rhinoceros, Autocad
After exporting images from 3d modeling software I usually use Illustrator for line weight correction. And my main software for collages and color correction without no doubt is Photoshop for
its powerful abilities.
Illustrator, Photoshop.
explode scheme
For most of my illustrations I use Blender as very powerful rendering tool and perspective program. I also use V-ray
for Sketchup for draft renders.
Blender, V-ray
render passes
For simple 2D animation I use After Effects, but for complex 3D animation my main tool becomes Blender and After effects is used for color correction mostly.
For video and sound editing I use Premier Pro.
Blender, After Effects, Premier Pro
constructive scheme
Woking on Technology project I learned such plugin for Rhinoceros as Grasshopper. I also learned Kangaroo and Karamba as addons.
Karamba 3D, Kangaroo
membrane tensegrity
digital models
hand models
The layout was made in Indesign, for further printing as
a hardcover book.
"Kliaksa", 1 sem
"Kliaksa 2.0", 2 sem
Professional skills 2.0. MARCH 2021
Student: Alexander Zaichko
Curator: Andrew Kiselev
Assistant: Katerina Andreevskikh
  • alexzander.zaichko@ya.ru
  • +79663595139
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