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November-December 2019
Digital sculpting. MARCHI
21-11.2019 15:00. Red hall
Topic: Digital sculpting and visualization. As part of the course "Architectural Coloring" we will do a big workshop. We will study Zbrush, we will deal with the main tools, prepare the final visualization in Keyshot. Induction November 14th.
AfterEffects для архитекторов
Follow the link and leave your contact email. As soon as we collect 300 applications, registration for the course will open. As part of the program, we will animate the collages prepared in Photoshop. Do not miss
Photoshop-Bereg Video Course
Our first video course designed for advanced users. During 1.5 hours of intense video, we reveal techniques for creating our illustrations. You will repeat the process of collage assembly, advanced color grading and image filtering.
Past events
Presentation technique. Workshop 06-11. 2019 | 14:15-15:45
Let's talk about presentation techniques. But it's not about the layout of the pictures on the sheet, but about the speech technique and verbal presentation, we will deal with the features of the smoothness and fluidity of speech about how to prepare texts, how to sound convincingly and what tools to use during and in preparation for a speech. Consider the most common mistakes that speakers make.

Moscow. Central house of the architect. Architectural coworking.
"War of the Worlds"
Participants will argue about what a digital environment is for an architect today.
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