Katya Novoseltseva
For the models I use SketchUp, since it is the fastest tool, to see objects in 3d, understand their scale and proportions.
Novye Cheryomushki | Design site
The village of Teriberka on the Kola Peninsula is the only settlement with access to the Barents Sea. I designed a science center on a small island near the village. The Kola Peninsula has some of the strongest tides and the ebb in the world. At low tide, the sandy path is drained to the island, and at high tide you can get into the building by sailing by boat to a small pier.
I work with drawings in Autocad. I like that in one program you can carry out the entire process from inventing to drawing graphics. I use Rhino to create specific shapes. At the post-processing stage, I use Photoshop or Illustrator.

Novye Cheryomushki
Before starting the design, we examined the site in detail. The result of the research was an album of drawings of the site itself and its surroundings.
House on the square | Plans
House on the square | Flats
When creating pictures, I make a separate model in SketchUp as a base, add furnishings and select materials. Then I transfer the model to Blender. There I set up the frame, materials and light. For post-processing I use Photoshop, if necessary.
Facade of the House on the square in Novye Cheryomushki
Adobe After Effects
Animation and video
Adobe Premier Pro
Adobe InDesign
Books | Project
I really like layout in Indesign, it has all the necessary tools. (Below you can familiarize yourself with the full composition of the project of the Scientific Station and the House on the Square)